thread Birmingham again.
This is becoming my regular Tuesday...
permalink could be worse, at least the trains are pretty quick
work have caught on, this place is banned now. Because it's for 'photo sharing' apparently.
permalink Our filters seem to
pick up on the amount of cuss words. Once they'd mostly gone down the page I was allowed back in. Tried getting at Buffy's Swearing Keyboard this aft though and it was blocked as 'tasteless' :D
permalink well stan lee won't be gurning in anymore movies
I expect vigils outside every forbidden planet in the land
permalink Given his minor role
I reckon they'll keep up his cameos
permalink Someone said they'd miss his cameos
I thought "so in that film where a big monster eats new york then gets beaten up by a big green superhero, they wont be able to drop in a 2 second image of stan lee?"

permalink i think my favourite cameo was charles bukowski in 'BarFly'
and the later reading his thoughts in 'Hollywood'
permalink We were sitting outside a little tapas bar in the south of spain
it was a little warm if i'm honest.

We are Working From Huelva this week, borrowing a mate's flat and working in his office, which is cool.. if a little heavy on the booze, tapas etc.

we had some squid roe that would have made pixy wet himself.. and some tuna.. and that ham...

permalink and the croissant..
permalink it was fartons today
which nobody here seems to have heard of... we had assumed they were spanish but it seems not.

Ahh, it seems they are from valencia
5 for 1€
permalink Working from Huelva?
That sounds very Sevillised
permalink +1
permalink Mmmmmmmmm, roe. Love it.
In related news, we found an *excellent* little Korean place tonight, Lime Orange in Victoria. Simple, classic S Korean food; bibimbaps, bulgogis, ramen, all washed down with makgeolli. Lovely, it was, the only reason it cost us £60 for the two of us is that we had a shedload of alcohol.

permalink Squid roe (huevos de choco)
Is unlike any I've tried.. Amy thought it was chicken to start with.

You'd like Huelva, not a pretty town and not really much to see but the quality of food is exceptional.

Plus it's still 16 degrees at 1am in November
permalink I had squid roe on Skopelos,
tediously boring Greek island where Mama Mia was filmed. Great food, boring place.
permalink tried flying fish roe?
my local sashimi place does it.. not sure i'd notice the difference
permalink Yes,
I had it in Korea. It was OK.
permalink Having a pint in the Euston Tap before getting the train home
For about the 5th time in the past month
permalink Sounds sensible...
Why are you down so much? Not job hunting I take it.

We have a spare room if it's of use, but might involve drinking with CI
permalink cool
I'm finishing up several research projects so we've been having lots of events to share results with the public, industry and government, and as is the way of the country if it doesn't happen in London then it hasn't really happened and no-one of importance is interested. Today we spent an eye-watering amount of your tax money to have a workshop on energy storage right next door to Westminster Abbey in the hopes we might get a few important folk along.

I didn't really want to intrude on anyone as for the most part I've been arriving fairly late and writing powerpoints in Holiday Inns (I have been heavily abusing your discount code in case you hadn't noticed, still seems to work), then going home as soon as the events are over. It's been mostly early in the week when I assume people are less sociable anyway

that was the last one for this year I think but if I am down again I'll give you a yell. Almost certainly I'll be down to meet with more gubmint people at some point early next year. Any good pub quizzes?
permalink Oh man, holiday inns in central London are a minefield
I hope you chose wisely.

We know of a couple of good pub quizzes and did one with mizzemma and ci recently (anf should have won, we wish robbed I tells ya)
permalink Count us in for quizzage any time.
permalink if it's a cheap night in London I go for Kensington Forum
(as most of the time I need to be at Imperial College)

on the days everything is pricey I flee to the North Acton HIE, which is cheap n cheerful, if in North Acton. Although as far as I'm aware North Acton only consists of a hotel and a tube station.
permalink I prefer Kensington high Street to the forum
North Acton is ok. If you go again request room 101 or 102

We refurbed them as a sample

The holiday Inn just down the road there is ok.

Otherwise, Stratford city HI all the way.

permalink what are you up to
that you need a room for the night so often
permalink ummm.... er.... nothing...

I only stay in London for team meetings, and that's no longer happening obviously..
permalink And if you stay in Stratford City HI...
then you have mizzemma, me and the Spaniard just across the park for beer-related activities...
permalink the one in whitechapel is also close
permalink It's Tuesday, it must be Birmingham?
Hopefully the midlands one, not Alabama

Not been anywhere fancy, but had a great evening last night, good nosh in a newly reswanked pub (clams and paua* with squid ink fettucine, which was nom), followed by once again being utterly blown away by how brilliant David Byrne still is live. I hope to have his energy when I'm 66. And the band/choreography was amazing

*that's abalone to non-NZers
permalink I didn't even know about
permalink This.
permalink I don't think I even knew
there was a sequel
permalink I've seen 1 & 2 only
permalink They're all pretty terrible
but since I've got 1-5 I need 6.

See also: chipmunks 4, resident evil 5&6,etc

There's more than two RECs too
permalink Thank Fuck it's Friday
A shitload of work to do then I'm going to get drunk.
permalink we had a minimal amount of tapas and booze yesterday...(so just loads)
tonight we are going to seville, a mate's organizing dinner, I expect it to be very good.

Just got 2 hours of conference calls to do before then... and lunch of course.
permalink I wrote 2500 words for a DAS this morning
Another section to do this afternoon.

Although this bit will be a bit bloody thin, since we only got a brief on Tuesday...
permalink "there will be light"

(and there was)
permalink Last Friday
I did a 17.75 hr shift. I'm hoping to get out before 8 tonight.
permalink Just got back
thanks to someone doing something so monumentally stupid my entire weekend is now going to be devoted to sitting around in slack-jawed disbelief, prior to returning to picking up the pieces on Monday
permalink Getting the train to Glasgow
Isn't THAT stupid
thread So Amy has never played draughts
Am I wrong to think that this is very very odd?

permalink It's odd at my age.
But probably almost universal amongst The Fucking Millenials. Amy is younger than me but older than them.

I'm surprised to hear it of a properly brought-up, well-rounded, travelled, experienced, excellent, civilised human being.

But hey. We're all different.
permalink To be fair, I haven't played it in years and years
But I thought it was a fairly universal childhood thing in my day.
permalink Hmm, dunno
It's not something that happens often. I think I've only played a couple of times, and that was over 30 years ago
permalink Not in the slightest.
Am I wrong to think that judging people based on games they haven't played is very very odd?
permalink I'm not judging her for it.. that's not why I think she's odd
I just think it's pretty miraculous to have avoided it...

It seemed pretty much compulsory when I was growing up
permalink exactly this!
It's actually not a bad game... simple mechanism but good strategy.
permalink Me neither.
permalink that's quite a feat.. how about checkers ;)
never really played it when you had chess and snakes and ladders on the other side
permalink Me and my family
used to play Chinese Checkers a lot. Until I got too good at it, and would win every time.
permalink haha.. same
it became a punishment with my brother if he lost a bet or challenge he had to play it with me
fortunately we soon discovered ma-jong with our sexy HK neighbours
thread All glamour today
Off to Chelmsford to tell at Greater Anglia management about bikes.

Which means the 0704 from Cambridge North
permalink I've got new glasses
I can see. And I can see everything very closely and in tiny detail...

[edit] more importantly, it's my 10th wedding anniversary today. sheesh.
permalink congrats for meeting your contractual obligations
permalink I didn't want to let the Uttlesford district registrar down
permalink Good man.
permalink Hang on, what?
You're only contractually obliged to see out 10 years?
permalink No, til death.
new_matt has been meeting his contractual obligations for a decade.
permalink to be honest I can't remember what I agreed to
I should have got it in writing.
permalink I've just been invited to the CofE Labs Live event
which is a day long churchy hackathon. I've very excited.
permalink backdoor to heaven?
permalink +1
permalink Good choice
Psychic TV are playing there tonight*!

*well, last night, but it's still last night there
permalink i really can't stomach genesis these days
permalink I am in Newark airport terminal B
I cannot say I recommend it.
permalink right, my go
Guess the airport. For extra credit, guess which car parking I had to book because work are paying.
permalink Heathrow, Terminal 5
Business Parking to use the pods


Luton, long stay all the way round the back of the fucking airport, in sight of the planes but a lengthy shuttle bus ride away
permalink yes, one of those
permalink it's the shitty
latter one, yes?
permalink very much so
cattle class Wizz air. Nice.
permalink Waves*
I am in Luton today, having just landed from my overnight flight to Heathrow.

But just for a meeting... Now I desperately need my bed.
permalink I'd forgotten how grim it is
what a dump.
permalink Stansted has been degrading so long I now
Feel Luton is surprisingly less shit than I expect... But still shit obviously.

They are also building some sort of improved link from the train station which will hopefully speed things up.

And the new Marriott courtyard is nice looking.
permalink to be fair
for a small place it wasn't that awful. Luton itself is, and when they've finished building it can only be better, but there's nowhere to sit!
permalink I'm just not doing anything like as much travel these days
My airport time is massively reduced.

Dubai and Hong Kong in January though.

Until then, it's the train to Birmingham every week or two plus the Scotland runs...
permalink this is very much the exception to the norm
San Francisco was the first time I've been away to work in years, this is a whistle stop conference trip for 48 hours.
permalink Man, I could do with getting out of teh fucking office.
I've had three site visits in 13 years.

My CAD monkey partner and I (we're both Associates) had to throw our toys out of the pram tonight, at the end of a 12.5hr day, telling the fuckers who 'run' my team just how much more draughting work had to be done by deadline tonorrow. So we're just going to put out GAs, 31 of them, and the other 126 drawings - details, elevs, splayer plans, member schedules - and the 3d models, have been postponed for a week. We went into the meeting refusing to issue anything at all, which was our way of getting them to think they were getting a concession out of us when we agreed to their requests for GAs which are almost ready anyway.

I quite enjoyed playing Nice CAD Tech and Nasty CAD Tech. Guess which one I was. Go on, guess.
permalink Hmm, let me think...
permalink I spent too much of today on sites
Fortnum and Mason at Royal Exchange and 100 Bishopsgate. The latter involved climbing way too many stairs.

I have some crap to do that I hate, trying to wrangle the worst lighting control gadget I’ve ever tried to use, which is preventing me from getting to working on a fucking huge station that needs to happen very quickly.

Saw a great private screening of a film about neon signs tonight though...
permalink Did these neon signs say things like
permalink Some of them did!
It was a fantastic litte documentary. Absolutely loved it.

permalink I assume they featured gods own junkyard in walthamstow
(and i take it you've been there right??)
permalink The film is mostly about America
and the history of neon rather than now. A lot of it is black and white!

I still haven't got to GOJ when it's open!
permalink That is the best time to go
permalink The only times I find myself in Walthamstow are when we come to see you two!
Must make a special trip.
permalink Or you meet us there
We will wait in the pub opposite
permalink We should arrange this sometime
Leave it with me.
thread What's the alternate
health names for this place? Borg Central has decided it's currently verboten, possibly down to mine and Al's cuss words down there vvvvv :)
permalink Man, that isn't easy to google. doesn't work.

EDIT: but this does: http://c4mbodia.lutral...
permalink I've been using
permalink noted, ta.
I'm in with Tino's suggestion so far but alternatives are welcome.
permalink the other one is

and I think JoS had a subdomain redirect too

the vurt ones are jonas' domain so I think he's stopped redirecting them
permalink Bah,
I think the whole lutralutra subdomain is blocked now. Cockflutes.
Over to the phone then!
permalink what a bunch
of muddyfunsters!
permalink I just got bopped on the head by a man in a cape
to make me a doctor

then went to eat a literal pound of galician prime rib to celebrate, now I am taking a beer for a bath and then probably napping on the sofa.
permalink Congrats Dr Meep
As we can now officially call you that. The man bopping me on the head was Lord Carrington, of all people.
permalink Well done Dr Meep!
permalink nice, important to have doctors of things
permalink That's awesome
well done!
permalink Drs of
napping are Good Things. 'Gratz!
permalink Congratulations!
permalink This ˆˆ
permalink better than a bite from a radioactive spider
thread Internet is down at work
because nobody has paid the bill and the boss's PA hasn't bothered opening letters from Virgin.

It's sorted now, but the internet will come back in "within 24 hours".

So I'm using this building's guest wifi, provided by the council. It's terrible. I can just about cope with the speed, but it forgets who I am every five minutes and I have to log in again. Only I can't log in, because it tells me the username or password are invalid so I sign up again and get emailed every time.

Edit: We're back!
permalink Sounds about typical.
permalink It was actually set to expire in five minutes unless
you validated your account and logged in, which I couldn't do.

The outtage wasn't that we'd stopped paying the bill either. We moved office within the same building. VM decided to set us up a new account, so we've been paying the bill on the old account (which they hadn't stopped, despite closing the account) and not the new one.
permalink Guess the airport
Clue, it doesn't seem to have a pret a manger

Which I had though was some sort of legal requirement
permalink Southend?
permalink Whilst that does not have a pret.. it is sadly not my current location
permalink Southampton
permalink Glasgow
which is lacking in most things
permalink Not an English airport then.
permalink or a Chinese one.
permalink Surprisingly it was Heathrow T2
Unless I just couldn't find it
permalink I just remembered about christmas pudding
any chance you thought of it while you were still there?
permalink Yes but the Harrods place was just selling Cartier watches
permalink Ridic. They've missed a trick.
I thought they used to have 'British' tat if nothing else.
permalink C_I
A friend is thinking about taking her 5yo on the sleeper train and going somewhere beautiful. where should they go?
permalink Skegness?
permalink Aviemore
or with a bit more planning (there are buses, just not as frequent as London) go up to Fort William, and come back from Inverness. What they do in between depends on how much time they have.
permalink Istanbul
permalink The Caledonian Sleeper, I take it?
Rather than the Night Riviera to Cornwall.

Al's not wrong. Fort William itself isn't much, but it's surrounded by awesomeness. The problem is that once you get to Inverness or Fort William, you kinda need a car to get to the beautiful stuff. There are buses but a bit of a hassle. Would she be up for hiring a car when she got there?

Al's Fort William - Inverness loop would be gorgeous... especially if she did a one-way car hire between the two? Then you can stop at lovely places like Fort Augustus and you get to drive along Loch Ness.

How long is she looking at spending? If it's longer than a couple of days, then there are more options... Skye, for example...

Aviemore is a good call. There's actually lots to do around there and I think that places like the Cairnogorm funicular, the Highland Wildlife Park etc are probably bussable.
permalink Also... what time of year?
permalink I don't have any additional information
I suggested Aviemore, since he's only small and hours more on the train/bus might get very tedious.
permalink maybe not the funicular
any time soon
permalink or possibly ever
it is very fucked and they've no money to fix it and the ski area is likely to go entirely bust now
permalink Ah well...
Bugger that then. Pity.
permalink saw via friends on fb
that they'd sent out a message to local ski instructors that the ski-school won't open at all this winter.
permalink Shit... that's quite a big deal around there...
permalink I read about that
the other week, what a fuckup.